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Organizational development sessions. 
Company strategy and DNA 

The company's strategy and DNA are beacons that help the whole team understand "where we are going and why."

ID Institute is a reliable partner in your regular work on company’s strategy and DNA through organizational development sessions.

What do we rely on when working on strategy and DNA?
ID methodology

Integral coaching 

Our  integral coaching methodology is what makes ID stand out

We look holistically at the objectives of the session, the larger meanings that stand behind the session, features of relationships which are and aren’t manifested. We apply it all within specific systems and actions.

Team coaching 

We conduct facilitation using a team coaching approach. We notice all the aspects that need to be worked on and give constructive feedback. We pay attention to complex issues and work on them during the session. We work with conflicts and use team interaction techniques.

Creative thinking techniques

We use creative tools to generate insights during the session. Our consultants have their own courses in the field of  creative thinking stimulation, so they  contribute to the birth of extraordinary solutions and bright insights.

If necessary, we train the customer's team to work on the strategizing process, and DNA, so that in the future you can upgrade  them yourself without the help of consultants.


Results from organizational development sessions

When you introduce  the practice of regular work on the strategy and DNA of the company, you can  constantly check if you and your team are going in the right direction, and adjust the vector, if nessesairy.   You also understand if the company's goals are accepted and shared by the team. As a result, the organization demonstrates:



A culture of strategizing  and clarity

- both top managers and the team are completely aware of the current situation in the company and have a clear idea about how to move forward in a particular direction and by particular means.

- consistent management of the strategizing  cycle, which leads to the achievement of the goals of the company and its employees

-increase in  the adaptability of the company’s  system



Unified team 

-increase in  the level of responsibility and involvement: team members understand  the importance and the purpose of the planned steps , they are ready to take responsibility and to be a part of the created plan.

-increase in the level of implementation of team agreements

-team members develop their strategic skills



Healthy relationships in the company 

-increase in the  level of trust and openness in the teams

- open-minded perception of conflicts and different opinions

- the team masters new productive methods of communication and solving  controversial issues

Steps in work on the strategy and DNA. Model 5D.



In-depth interviews with the leader and top managers, preparatory interviews with the key players who will take part in the strategic session. Meeting with the customer, detailed discussion of the ideal desired result. Establishment  of relationships.



Preparing and ellaborating  the session agenda together with the customer.



Feedback and strategic recommendations based on the results of the session, establishment and approval of the rhythm and themes for the next sessions, establishment of strategic circles, formation of a team that will support the implementation of suggested initiatives.



Methodologist's work based on interviews. Creation of tasks and goals for the first strategic session. Coordination and approval of the session outline  with the customer.



Conducting a big two-day session.


ID Institute Consultants


Inessa Golubova


founder of the institute


Andriy Katerynka



Olga Ermolovich


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