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We make the path of the Leader and the Team clear


What we offer to  teams and leaders

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 Organizational development sessions

Consistent work on the company's  strategy and DNA 

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Aligning the Leader and the Team

Building a management process for the development of a company to increase the sustainability and adaptability of the business.


Personal Development Day

 Top team development program


With ID Institute Teams and Leaders gain:

Development trajectory and clarity

We help to create your own development path.  We support you while you are undergoing transformational changes

Positive changes in the quality of life

 Sustainable changes in business results and the quality of relationships

A new logic of thinking and acting

For new level solutions and overcoming the challenges of the modern world.

An aligned team

A team  in which the goals of the company, the team, and the person are unified

Organization of conscious development

A team, in which personal development of each member works for the common good and contributes to business results

Team interaction

Ability to negotiate, healthy atmosphere, strong company culture, which contributes to achieving business goals.


ID Institute Consultants


Inessa Golubova


founder of the institute


Andriy Katerynka



Olga Ermolovich


Leaders about working with the ID Institute

ID Institute are people who share values with me. People who work very well with goals. They know how to do "unloading" and then help to structure everything in such a way that it is clear what next steps need to be done.

They also work very well with the thoughts of the entrepreneur: they do not drown out and put things in order.

I have a good experience with the Institute, so I recommend it.

Vladislav Burda

co-owner and founder of RedHead Family Corporation,

founder and president of FBN Ukraine.

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We kindly invite you to get to know us better
Let's talk in person or via  Zoom-Call, and we will tell you about our tools and methodologies and help you find a personalized approach to personal or organizational development.

Thank you for contacting us!

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