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Inessa Golubova 

Executive coach, leadership consultant, strategic sessions facilitator, team coach 

“I accompany leaders and teams along their  way helping them   master the way of thinking and acting that will provide  support and ensure  clarity along the way”


Founder at ID Institute of Personal and Organizational Development, 

Corporate Secretary of the Board of the Savva Libkin’s  Restaurant Company 

Director, curator, coach of the leadership program “ The Art of Flexible  Management” 

  The Aspen Institute Society member 


Andriy Katerynka


 "I`m here to help people to take off their “backpacks .” It’s good  to get rid of the burden  on your shoulders at least for a while in order to be able to walk  the entire Path. And  sometimes you need to  say goodbye to some of the  backpack content”

Personal coaching   of business owners and people of strategic value, strategic and team sessions (bounding), vertical development of LDP leaders (Leadership Development Profile) HARTHILL CONSULTING Ltd.


Olga Ermolovich

Coach - consultant 

"My mission is to help solve professional issues  at every stage of a person`s and organization`s life, to contribute to the acquisition of clarity and purpose  in professional performance"


Four years of  experience in private practice coaching and consulting, including two years of working as a faculty coach in the program of The Coaching Institute of St. Petersburg “Flexible Management “in Ukraine.

Fifteen years of  experience in  financial and technical industry, including eight  years of  experience at an executive position (CFO).

Five years of  experience in product development and banking industry.

Coaching experience - more than 500 hours 


Katerina Seglyanik

Coach - consultant 

“Coaching is all about personal growth through self - care:  care about your resource, your goals and your thinking. Your coach is always there to help with all these”

200+ hours of coaching experience 

 I rely on the values, standards and competencies of ICF.

 Expertise: Leading  groups in a mastermind format. Conducting team sessions. Nonviolent Communication,  Scrum / Agile. I actively research the the concepts of "Authentic Leadership" and "Alive  Teams".

 17 years in business, of which 12 years in management, and 3 years as CEO

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