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Re Think


Individual strategy

Individual coaching according to the principles and methodology of ID

Without understanding the nature of this transformation, we are left only hoping that the changes won't affect us and that we can continue living as before. Our coaching sessions will help you not only anticipate changes but also manage them.


Changes are a norm of modern life, and we need to develop effective ways to manage them. Personal strategy is just such a tool.

Through the process of transformation, you will create a comprehensive strategy with a coach - a strategy that will involve saying goodbye to old circumstances, navigating through a transitional state of uncertainty, and ultimately entering a new situation.


The three phases of this process are crucial for your personal development. It's akin to how nature constantly changes - sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, but transformation can occur at any moment.

Compare it to a crackling shell, a blossoming bud, or a change of seasons when leaves fall. The same happens to us. Even if these changes aren't always as visible as the changing of leaves, functions without transformation remain the same. These are decisive moments in the natural process of development and self-discovery.


Redefining consists of the following stages:


Block 1: Past. Present

Finding answers:

Who am I? My roles? My lessons? My strengths? Development zones? Values? What is my support? What is my nature? What is acquired? What limits me?


Block 3: Transition trajectory

Finding answers:

And then what? Route for a year. What is the desired state? Positioning. What do I tell the world? What resistance am I building? Long-term and short-term goals? Transition practices in an integral approach? Key projects of the future? OKR


Block 2: Vision of the future

Finding answers:

Where am I and what am I doing? What am I a master of? What is my gift? Vision of the future? Why am I doing this? Even greater purpose? Evolutionary purpose?


Block 4: Independent practice + support


Be Able

to Act

in a New Way

What happens during the coaching session?

“The quality of life depends on the quality of the questions we ask. "

A coaching session is a safe space for questions, answers, and insights.

Session duration is 60-90 minutes.

Ideally, before the start of the session, you need to select and formulate one key request, the problem that worries you the most.

You can speak or remain silent, ask the coach questions, or he will ask you, you can think out loud too. The consultant supports, guides, and asks specific questions, aimed at solving your problem. 

The results of the session are clarity, valuable insights, a new understanding of goals, and an action plan to achieve them.

Within coaching, the client forms his own strategy of making a transition to the new way of life. At the same time, the current way of life does not disappear and is not depreciated, but becomes a fulcrum, which makes it possible to narrow the gap between the desired future and the present.


The coach helps to increase awareness and clarity so that the client receives insights related to the tasks that need to be solved. A coach is a guide, helping to change behavior and bring insight to life through experimentation and practice.

How coaching works:


Stage 1.
Integral review.
This is a process in an integral approach that encompasses mind, emotions, body, and senses.
We analyze your past experience and transform it into valuable insights for the future. Creating a one-year roadmap.

Stage 2.


You review the roles in your life and identify where changes are needed.
You create an outline: what should remain unchanged, what needs reevaluation and a new approach.


Stage 3.


You determine how you see yourself and your state, including energy potential.

We discuss which practices and actions are necessary for your resilience, and create a plan for strategic actions.



Upon request:

Stage 4



1 meeting per month with a coach

  • Regular sessions 4 times a month for 1.5 hours online.

  • Coach support between sessions.

  • Complex of practices for personal mastery.

  • Essay writing.

  • Session to formulate the request and goals for the work - 1.5 hours online.

  • 2-day online identity leader strategy session.

*You will also need to find time for silence after the session. This is 1-2 days of silence in a neutral transition zone.

To implement the new strategy, you will also receive:


Miro board with structured answers and insight blocks


Slides with notes and practices


Moodboard and association field for your own future

We kindly invite you to get to know us better

Let's talk in person or via  Zoom-Call, and we will tell you about our tools and methodologies and help you find a personalized approach to personal or organizational development.

Thank you for contacting us!

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