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The leader changes the world. We change the world of the leader and his team.


Legend ID

The Hero’s Path


Hero's path - a monomyth defined by an American scientist Joseph Campbell - (1904-1987), one of the many types of research synthesizing the human heritage. Campbell used the theories of Z. Freud, K. Yung, and various ethnologists.  He studied mythology and religious beliefs of all cultures on Earth and allocated universal mythological plots, shared by all people on the planet, The sequence and pattern of their development in individual and social mythology. He noticed that each society and each person evolves according to certain laws of transformation on each new twist.

He called this path "The Hero's Journey”. You can learn more about  this approach in the book  by Campbell “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”


ID Institute of Personal and Organizational Development -

is a reliable partner for leaders and their teams. We provide support  at  all stages of the journey through  workshops, as well as  personal and organizational development sessions

Our mission

Introduce and add  clarity at all stages of the Leader’s journey with his team.

We come into the world and the world gives us circumstances that call our unique strength to manifest itself.  This is about you - an entrepreneur and a leader.  You are the hero on your Path, who walks his way and leads others.


ID Institute of Personal and Organizational Development is here to help you master the ways of thinking and acting  that will provide support and ensure clarity  on your Path.

What becomes clear with us

How can we help?


Personal development





A clear path

Our key values




We are passionate professionals, the masters of our craft. We rely on personal experience, observation, creative thinking, and ability to reflect.



We see, appreciate, and create inner beauty in everything we work with. 

 Beautiful projects, beautiful people, beautiful solutions.  It's about beauty that cannot be seen with the eyes.



We believe in the potential of people.  Here at ID, we have a diverse team of professionals, where everyone belongs where he or she is, believes in the shared mission, and sees eye to eye with us.



We are brave in our decisions.  We take responsibility for the results.  We believe in big ideas.  We boldly lead our clients "over the edge", outside their comfort zone.



We choose to build relationships openly, call things what they are, and declare our strengths and weaknesses.



Big ideas and great results take time. 

We build long-term relationships with our partners, clients and our team.  Relationships are more important than short-term gain.

 You can rely  on us


Our  solid foundation is  based on:



 We combine different methodologies and approaches.  Each coach is unique in his or her methodology and uses a synthesis of the best approaches.  However, at the heart of everyone’s work is psychology and  integral approach.



Our coaches are certified by the best foreign coaching schools including  INSEAD, Institute of Coaching, ERICKSON UNIVERSITY, Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy.



Our coaches are practicing consultants and mentors of entrepreneurs in the Flexible Management program. Annually they accompany 30 entrepreneurs in their transformational changes as part of a long-term development and training program. They also have international experience working with clients from Europe, the USA, and  UAE.

Our approach


What we do at ID on the integral approach developed by the American philosopher and scientist Ken Wilber.

Working with changes


Working for the future, building on existing experience.


Creating clarity and conditions for the emergence of insights from the client.


Integrity of perception.


Creation of a development trajectory and consideration of the zone of proximal development.

Complete confidentiality.

Clear heads of ID

Founder of ID Institute -
Inessa Golubova


Founder at ID Institute of Personal and Organizational Development, executive coach, leadership consultant, strategic sessions facilitator, team coach, organizational development consultant 

Specialization: strategizing, leadership, organizational development, teamwork, happiness in professional activity, executive coaching 

 We make the Path of the Leader and of the Team  clear.


Where is ID institute located? 

We are located in Kyiv, working with teams and leaders from all over Ukraine as well as from around Europe and UAE. 

The history of the Institute's foundation goes back to 2018, when Inessa Golubova and her partners brought the Coaching Institute program to Kyiv. After that, she goes to  Paris to study at INSEAD. There she understands that Ukraine needs its own Institute, which will help Leaders and Teams. And just like that, in 2020, ID Institute is born.

Who are our consultants?

Our consultants are practicing professionals who have been trained in international schools and certified. They have experience working with top officials of companies, leaders, and teams. ID consultants have psychological education,  they are highly mature and experienced.

How do we help leaders?

By accompanying them during crises, and going through transformational changes together, by supporting them in search of answers to questions about themselves and their Journey. 

We work for transformational changes in the quality of the Leader’s life, for the effective achievement of the goals; improving the quality of self-management as well as management of relationships, processes, and people.

For the Leader to answer the questions "Who am I? Where am I going? What for?"

We are here to help create a trajectory of personal development, to develop and master the Leader's meta-skills, Agile management skills; to make a  transition to a new logic of vertical development of leaders.

How to get started with us?

Leave a request on our website or write a request in any convenient way: +380 96 787 0337, We will contact you and create an individual proposal for  your individual development or development of your team.

How do we help organizations?

We teach how to align a team in which people hear each other, in which every member is involved and committed to shared goals.

We work to create a healthy psychological climate and a culture of relationships in the organization "Me -team-company". To create the company's DNA; to establish,   review, polish, and update the strategy.

To train the skills of Flexible  management and Happiness in activities and make sure team puts them into practice


Let’s add even more clarity

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