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Individual coaching

Coaching is an interaction between a consultant and a client within the framework of a client’s request, aimed at achieving the client's goals and the necessary changes in his life.

The goal and the need for change come from the client, and the coach-consultant, with the help of questions and coaching tools, creates a safe space for reflection, searching for new solutions,   insights, creating new life strategies and trajectories on the way to change, helps to unlock a more realized,  free version of oneself.

Individual coaching according to the principles and methodology of ID

For coaching to work effectively, fundamental knowledge and methodology on which consultants rely are essential. ID Institute builds its work on the basis of an integral approach. It was created by the American philosopher and scientist Ken Wilbor.


The coach helps the client to get valuable insight and find solutions, instead of focusing on past mistakes and looking for the causes of failure.

Working for the future, building up  on the previous experience.

A coach and a client are working together for the client’s future. At the same time, they look into the past to see the resource and support and create new behavior strategies in the client's life.


Some see that you write "why?"

I see what could happen and write "why not?".

Pablo Picasso

Integral approach

The coach maintains the integrity of the client's personality, constantly keeps in mind that the changes that occur in one area of ​​life affect client’s life overall.

Focused on both values ​​and actions

The coach strongly believes that the client has all the resources and skills to achieve his goals, respects his action plans and the results he wants to achieve. Coaching is an advice-free zone.

Coach from ID works to establish clarity for the client, which helps get desirable results. 

Complete confidentiality 

All shared information stays  between  the coach and the client only 

Individual coaching objectives



coaching focused on the development of the Leader's meta-skills, mastering the current logic of action, the transition from one logic of thinking in terms of the technology of Vertical Development to the next one.



coaching focused on the development of effective interaction with people: partners and  team members.



coaching focused on developing the skills and abilities of an effective leader, mastering meta-skills and flexible management tools.



coaching focused on the search for the right Path and  Purpose,  coaching related to transitions concerning age or other aspects of life.

What are the results of coaching?


Leader's transformational changes.

You master meta-skills, current logic of action, and new thinking strategies. The foundations for the transition to the new logic of actions are laid, and this leads to  the next–level solutions 

In business processes, an effective and harmless way to achieve goals is established. The quality of self-management, management of processes and people is increased  You master the meta-skills and flexible management tools. The company increases its resistance to uncertainty and the level of trust, as well as  accelerates problem-solving processes 


Clarity emerges in existing and future relationships.

You have a new, desired quality of relationships between top management, partners, and team members, high-quality communication, and effective cooperation in the team.

Clarity at the current point 

You can see a development trajectory, you have answers to the questions "WHO AM I? WHERE AM I GOING? WHAT FOR?" You understand how your personal goals are linked with the goals of the company. The leader's energy is aimed at achieving them for the common good. 


What happens during the coaching session?

“The quality of life depends on the quality of the questions we ask. "

A coaching session is a safe space for questions, answers, and insights.

Session duration is 60-90 minutes.

Ideally, before the start of the session, you need to select and formulate one key request, the problem that worries you the most.

You can speak or remain silent, ask the coach questions, or he will ask you, you can think out loud too. The consultant supports, guides, and asks specific questions, aimed at solving your problem. 

The results of the session are clarity, valuable insights, a new understanding of goals, and an action plan to achieve them.

Within coaching, the client forms his own strategy of making a transition to the new way of life. At the same time, the current way of life does not disappear and is not depreciated, but becomes a fulcrum, which makes it possible to narrow the gap between the desired future and the present.


The coach helps to increase awareness and clarity so that the client receives insights related to the tasks that need to be solved. A coach is a guide, helping to change behavior and bring insight to life through experimentation and practice.


ID Institute Consultants


Inessa Golubova


founder of the institute


Andriy Katerynka



Olga Ermolovich


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