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Leader and Team Alignment Program

This is team development program  aimed at increasing the sustainability and adaptability of the business in a constantly changing environment.

It implies a set of activities that allow the team to choose the best way to implement their strategic vision at any given time.

Leader and Team Alignment Program is necessary when

The corporate culture code is missing or not working.

The goals of the company and the people are not unified. There is an internal confrontation and signs of toxic atmosphere: intrigues and dissension. Destructive conflicts happen quite often and the leader needs to solve them all the time. There is toxic competition and resistance between departments, but no desired commitment to common goals. The team is exhausted.


Owners' fears and fatigue.

The key pain is "business survival". There is a fear of losing your business. Competition between the owner and the CEO. Child-parental model of relationships between the owner and the management: owner regarded as the father and the managers as children.

The need for change is already there.

When the old way doesn’t work anymore,  but the new way is not clear yet. There is resistance to change in the company and a problem with the composition of the team. You need to understand how to keep truly valuable people in the team and let go of those who need to leave.

Outdated corporate culture  code and resistance to change.

The mission and values ​​were developed by one person alone many years ago. There still is a lot of love for what was created back then, and it hurts to change something to which people have become accustomed throughout the years.

The goals of owners and top management aren’t aligned. 

Top management deals with the little things or "resolving" conflicts. The owner is already far from the company. There is a lack of trust, fatigue, and burnout among top managers and the team; fear of hiring a new CEO and losing the company’s corporate culture due to the arrival of a new person.

Everything comes down "from the top"  and there is no culture of top management involvement.

Scaling problems.

A very rapid growth of the team, there are no commonly accepted standards of interaction and communication.

The program helps to




BUILD UP  TEAM INTERACTION: a healthy environment that leads to desired business results 





With the program, you will achieve:

Integration of non - directive management style into the company


A culture of strategizing  

- both top managers and the team are completely aware of the current situation in the company and have a clear idea about how to move forward in a particular direction and by particular means.

- consistent management of the strategizing  cycle, which leads to the achievement of the goals of the company and its employees

-increase in  the adaptability of the company’s  system  


Unified TOP- team 

-increase in the level of responsibility and involvement: team members understand the importance of planned steps, they are ready to take responsibility and to be a part of the created plan.

-increase in the level of implementation of team agreements

-team members develop their strategic skills 


Healthy relationships in the company 

-increase in the  level of trust and openness in the teams

- open-minded perception of conflicts and different opinions

- the team masters new productive methods of communication and solving  controversial issues


What topics does the program cover?


ID Institute Consultants


Inessa Golubova


founder of the institute


Andriy Katerynka



Olga Ermolovich


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